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Reply To: hover state appearing on touch in mobile/devices

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Thanks for the follow up! I did some thorough testing and found out this seems to be an iOS issue (not sure if we could call it a bug) and indeed it is caused by the SmartMenus script but could well be caused by many other scripts.

It seems to be triggered if an event listener is added on the document for any touch event (touchstart, touchmove, touchend…). And the SmartMenus script does that for a couple of features:

1) the runtime mouse/touch input detection code;
2) for more reliable reseting of the sub menus on touch devices when hideOnClick: true is used (since clicks on the document are not always fired in some browsers if we tap outside the menu tree).

Unfortunately, it’s not very simple to fix these quickly. For 1) the code could be refactored but for 2) there just isn’t any workaround I am aware of right now so I will need to do further investigation of the issue before figuring out a proper fix.

BTW, the cause for this seems to be so generic that I guess many many other websites have the same behavior. I noticed even has it so I guess it’s not that serious concern for end users. But, in any case, I will try to figure out a way to avoid this.

Thanks again for your input!