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Reply To: Dropdowns not visible when implementing toggle for mobile

Home Forums Older releases 1.0.x Dropdowns not visible when implementing toggle for mobile Reply To: Dropdowns not visible when implementing toggle for mobile



You the man!

You rock dude!

Ok Vasil… so this is a very nice menu indeed!

I now have the basis of the menu I need. Finally!!

Again, same suggestion… try to make sure to include this exact style of menu in your next version of your downloadable menu and examples. I reckon a lot of people will find good use for it as this particular menus aesthetic architecture fits in very well the design style and expected functionality of a lot of mobile sites today.

Whilst I have sufficient skills to modify this menu, perhaps in your next set of examples, you could also have one alternate version where the navbar is not fixed to the top as it is in this particular example.

If we are using a small phone in landscape view and view an image that was designed to fill the screen, we will not be able to see the whole image if the navbar is stuck there at the top!! So someone like myself doesn’t always want the navbar fixed to the top! Of course each will have their preference. And so having a fixed and having a movable navbar example covers both cases!

Lastly Vasil, do consider putting a PayPal donation button on your home page and download page so that those appreciative of your good work may be able to put a coffee beside your keyboard 🙂


Zahari M