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Reply To: Dropdowns not visible when implementing toggle for mobile

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Hey Vasil

Thanks again so much for your help here. It turns out that the issue I had was that my HTML wasn’t structured correctly.

You mentioned that you were going to show more demos. That’s fabulous Vasil! Really appreciate that! Anyways. A suggestion or request to include a particular demo…

I love your menus, especially the sm-simple one! The trouble is that in mobile view it occupies too much vertical room if it has many first level parents. And so in your documentation and in the fiddle you provided us here, by enabling a toggle we can get our menu to be hidden on mobile. Whilst this does the job, having the menu text as an isolated toggle still doesn’t look as “complete” and “attractive” as possible.

What I would be most grateful to you for would be if you could include a demo that is based on your sm-simple theme that would sort of looks and the toggle work like this menu:

What is nice about this menu is that the toggle is contained “within” the navigation bar. This gives it a very polished look when in mobile view.

In your included examples, it is true that the bootstrap based menus are like this too!
But not everyone wants to install Twitter Bootstrap and all the bloat.

One of the appeals of smartmenus are the very small stylesheets! I want to try and avoid bootstrap!

And so, if you would consider including an example of a toggled mobile navigation where the toggle is included “within” the navbar, say by way of showing the websites name in text the top left corner, and clicking on that name toggles the menu open and closed, all using your very efficient css styles… then I think this would be a really winning navigation!!

Well those are my thoughts anyway. Thanks again for all you have done and for reading this.

Cheers mate!