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Unless I’m missing something, this fix (modifying depth) does not show the icon in the sub-menus nested more than 1 level deep.

In WordPress, I am using wp-bootstrap-navwalker and creating a menu like so…

wp_nav_menu( array(
	'menu'            => 'main-nav',
	'theme_location'  => 'main-nav',
	'container'       => 'div',
	'depth'             => 3,
	'container_class' => 'collapse navbar-collapse',
	'container_id'    => 'bs-example-navbar-collapse-1',
	'menu_class'      => 'nav navbar-nav',
  'walker'            => new wp_bootstrap_navwalker()

There are a number of issues:

1. The second-level icon (+) is not showing.

2. Using wp-bootstrap-navwalker when clicking on the li containing the 2nd level dropdown (ul), the first click exposes the nested ul, the second click goes to that page (instead of hiding the ul).

Any ideas?


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