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hello admin 😉

thanks a lot for your reply!

yes, bootstrap doesn’t have a default vertical navbar, but if you ever find the time to look into it and implement this feature into the smartmenus bootstrap addon I would be more than glad, i guess other too 😉 some kind of demo in the future … you would be the man 😉

anyway, i managed to get both a horizontal bootstrap navbar and a standard vertical smartmenus menu (right sidebar) to run on a site. here’s the link:

it’s a responsive layout update for a client and all of course still in beta mode.

the only issue i got implementing both menus on the page is your fix for collapsible menu detection for bootstrap3 in your bootstrap addon file on line 69

// fix collapsible menu detection for Bootstrap 3
	$.SmartMenus.prototype.isCollapsible = function() {
		//return this.$firstLink.parent().css('float') != 'left';

if i comment out the line like in the code above i can hover over the vertical menu item in the right sidebar and the sub-menu opens up

if i enable the line in your code above the mouseover doesn’t work anymore and if i then click on the menu item the sub-menu opens to the right, out of the actual viewport.

what are your thoughts on this? any response would be great!

thanks again for such a nice jquery plugin 😉



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