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Reply To: TypeError: this.$firstLink is null

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I should also mention that prior to the error on line 336 I got the Explorer 8.0.6 error:

Line: 584
Object required jquery.smartmenus.js

which in my version of smart menus (0.93) is as follows starting at line 574

574: menuInit: function($ul) {
  75:    if (!ul.dataS('in-mega')) {
  76:       this.subMenus.push($ul);
  77:       // mark UL's in mega drop downs (if any) so we can neglect them
  78:       if ($ul.hasClass('mega-menu')) {
  79:          $ul.find('ul').dataSM('in-mega',true);
  80:       }
  81:      // get level (much faster than, for example, using parentsUtil)
  82:      var level = 2,
  83:            par = $ul[0];
584:      while ((par = par.parentNode.parentNode) != this.$root[0]) {
  85:         level++;
  86:      }